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What is Liturgy?

Liturgy is simply the public participation of the people of God in “the work of God.” It is an opportunity for the people of God to celebrate what God has done through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Liturgy is an ongoing visible sign of the communion of Christ between God and man. The liturgy allows us to ground ourselves in the love of God.

“Through the liturgy of Christ, our redeemer and high priest, continues the work of our redemption in, with, and through his church.” (CCC 1069)

Art and Liturgy

I am passionate about showing the beauty of liturgical prayer and Scripture through my artwork. I’ve chosen to do this daily devotional to prepare our hearts for this Easter season.

Each day in Lent, you will receive an email with a daily piece of my artwork that showcases a prayer, Bible verse, or thoughtful quote. Along with the artwork, I will write a small devotional for you to reflect upon during the day.*

Can I Sign Up If I’m Not “Liturgical”?

Short answer: Of course!

Long answer: Liturgical prayer is intricately linked to Scripture so whether or not you come from a background that celebrates the liturgical calendar, I think you will enjoy these daily devotionals. Each piece of artwork celebrates the beauty of who God is and what he has done throughout history and continues to do with his church.

Liturgy is founded in Scripture, so my hope is that you will find many of these art pieces familiar to you, even if you’ve never attended a liturgical church or spoken a liturgical prayer before.

They’re designed to draw you closer to Jesus and I hope that regardless of your theological background or spiritual practices, we can all agree that our goal is to develop a deeper love for Jesus.

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Who Am I?

My name is Kaelynne Makan and I’m a Canadian artist who specializes in watercolour art that showcases the beauty of Liturgical Prayer and Scripture.

I don’t say this lightly, but if I didn’t pray the liturgy, I don’t think I would be a Christian anymore.

For anyone who has not experienced the richness of liturgical prayer, this may seem like a strange thing to say. Maybe some of you are already coming up with theological responses to refute the need for recited prayers, but please hear me out.

My husband and I lost our first son three years ago and while I grieved, I also wrestled with doubt and darkness and complete spiritual deadness. I had no desire to pray and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. The best way to describe the past three years, is a fog. I had a mental fog that made it impossible for me to think of a single prayerful word. If you’ve ever experienced grief, you will likely know what I am talking about. My faith in Jesus hung on by a thread and I didn’t know if I could ever trust him again.

That’s where liturgical prayer comes in.

When you have no words to speak or prayers to pray, having a book full of Scripture-based prayers to rely on is the most soul filling thing. Every single day I prayed the Daily Office, and every single day I felt God’s presence sustain me. The liturgy carried me through those years of grief and fed my soul and somehow seemed to perfectly express everything my heart was feeling that my mind had no way of expressing.

The liturgy gave me the words I didn’t have and gave my soul the strength it needed to get through each day. I didn’t always feel like praying, but because I had a companion to help guide my prayer life, I was able to continuously find the words that had been passed down through tradition that I needed at that moment.

The liturgy placed me tenderly in the arms of Jesus, where he gave my weary heart the rest it needed. Eventually, my heart found its way out of the depths and I have somehow encountered a love for Jesus that is stronger and deeper than ever before.

The truth of Scripture shines through the liturgy and I was fed as I prayed through the Psalms, or the words of Mary’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55), or Zecariah’s Benedictus (Luke 1:68-79), or Simeon’s Nunc Dimittis (Luke 2:29-32). Not to mention all the other beautiful prayers written over the span of church history.

Through the liturgy, the church can come together to celebrate the work of Christ; whether that be in the church building, or at home. This is especially poignant right now when we are physically separated from worshipping together. I find joy in knowing that the same liturgy is being recited in the hearts and homes of so many all over the world.

*Note: These devotionals are written from my personal experience and faith tradition. I am Roman Catholic and I do my best to write in accordance with orthodox Church teaching.

I do my best to make this accessible for any Christian, but there may be theological differences and my hope is that this will be an opportunity for dialogue as we approach varying perspectives with humility and grace. Any references or research links will be available at the bottom of each email.

Liturgy and Calligraphy, artwork and devotionals © 2021 Kaelynne Makan

You are free to save any of the artwork for your personal use, but none of the artwork should be used for commercial purposes without a licensing agreement or the express written permission of the artist.